With Gabbi

Saturday 11/06/2022

Join Gabbi for the morning and learn how to harness your breath to clear both physical and emotional obstacles.

Prana - meaning life force energy; Yama - meaning control or mastery of

In this workshop you will discover how the 5 Vayus (Winds) work within the body and be guided by Gabbi through the breathing schedule for Prana Vayu. This specific vaya is for building life force energy, calming the nervous system and letting go of fear, anxiety or anger. Breath work is a beautiful practice that helps to manage stress, emotions & prevent health problems related to chronic stress or anxiety. The breath is central to yoga as a physical practice and as a way of life, however pranayama can also be a powerful practice on it's own.

If you've never tried this before, this is a wonderful opportunity to see what it's all about and immerse yourself in a community of like minded individuals.

** If you're part of our 6 week program this event is included in your program **

Tickets $40 - Limited Spaces Available

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Image by Pierre-Etienne Vilbert
Image by nine koepfer